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ParkLife 2006 Brisbane

Workshop Options

One- on-one personally tailored tuition – includes  Pre appraisal evaluation, break down and advice (Where your at , what you need and where to start) , Vocal training , work in progress development ( developing your ideas vocally and lyrically ) or creating a work in progress idea to workshop. All training is tailored to the level of the student assessed in the situation appraisal form. Out calls preferred with travel costs to be assessed on situation .

Initial session including situation appraisal and tuition                $170.00 1.5hr
MC Tuition and lyric writing                                                          $100.00 1hr                                                                       Packages available for 3 plus session


Group Workshops and Holiday programs available on request. A minimum of 4 students per workshop, Priced accordingly based on level of content required and duration of workshop .

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Name: Cameron James Brown

Aka: MC Shureshock

Label: Ministry of Sound, One Love, Dub Rave, Klub Kids , OWSLA , Breakbeat Paradise to name a few

Training: Advanced Diploma performing arts .

Two and a half years of full time acting training at the 7 hills college Mornigside QLD with the core staff from USQ , UQ and QUT.

Personal vocal mentoring from Mark Williams (Australian Idol)

15 years yoga and physical performance training and diet maintenance.

23 years Industry Experience .

-Performing on the National and International Dance music circuit as MC and Dancer at top industry touring level.

-Experience in owning and operating independent record label DubRave.

-Owning and operating successful independent club night’s / event’s.

-Promotion and marketing with on and off line strategies and implementation for events .

-Promotion and marketing with on and off line strategies and implementation for Artists and their profiles.

-Booking agency protocol and implementation (booking shows and dealing with Music agents and promoters).

-Tour organization and management for solo show’s , band touring and events.

-Home studio set up and operations.

-Vocal training and maintenance.

-Live set up and Sound check procedures for Solo , Live Band , DJ and Lighting.

-Youth holiday MC/Production programs @ Bradfield community center in North Sydney.


Gig Highlights:

The Gig on the pic is a home coming at “Parklife” in Brisbane in 2006 after 2 years of solid touring to Canada, UK , Brazil , china , USA , Scotland , South East Asia and around Australia like a washing machine on spin dry , a real moment of satisfaction and recognition that we had taken our art to the world and our home crowd paid homage , a moment of celebration  exhalation and exhilaration all mashed together in a big brizzy daytime fest on dusk.

T in the park with Kid Kenobi in Scotland to over 20 thousand punter’s , we were the only breaks act in a techno / house room , we were terrified but just as we were coming on bouncing kangaroo’s and oozie ozzie ozzie chants filled the air and we had the best and biggest set of the festival in the SLAAM Tent.

The first time i got booked as a headline act over the dj’s in Adelaide , I was asked to MC for Goldie at a Beach Party and afterwards had the local dj’s spinning for me for the first time , as opposed to me representing the dj’s , a moment of honor and respect.

Being asked to join Michael Franti on stage every night of his 2002 tour to freestyle with him and Radio Active.

Taking the stage with my band Zephyr Timbre to support on a national tour with Jameriquoi in 2005.

Discography: The first and only MC in the World  to MC a Ministry of sound compilation CD and did 5 cd’s between 2001 and 2005 with Kid Kenobi.

2 National Charting E.P’s from Zephyr Timber between 1999-2003

Series of singles featuring on #1 mix compilations from Ministry of sound and One Love .

Up to date releases featuring in Aria club chart top 20 and Beatport top 20.


Brief Bio:

A familiar name in Australia’s mainstream music business with a legendary reputation within the country’s thriving dance music scene, Shureshock has joined forces with many of the globe’s finest DJs, from Carl Cox to Goldie.

A young Brisbane upstart, he found his way onto high rotation on the Triple J radio network, then on up to the Big Day Out before being cast in a nationwide support tour with Jamiroquai, working the stage in the nations largest and most iconic venues. In local terms, and all this by 2002, you’d think there wasn’t much left to conquer.

So it was back to roots, and his roots were in the underground music scene.

The now-famous collaboration with Jesse Desenberg (Kid Kenobi), later to become Australia’s No. 1 DJ, resulted in Australia’s premier MC-DJ tandem, MC Shureshock and Kid Kenobi. It started with a shared love of break beat. It resulted in sell-out tours of the U.S.A, South America, China, United Kingdom, and South-East Asia – and an enduring partnership, which now celebrates 15 years in the game.

Commanding great respect as an independent artist and vocalist, Shureshock has worked with the likes of Fatboy Slim, Andy C, Stanton Warriors, Krafty Kuts, Freq Nasty, Pendulum, The Crystal Method, and DJ Q-Bert.

With all this, it’s his humility, generosity, and gift for communication that you remember. The skills, techniques, and experience he’s here to share is what you’ll never forget.


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Do you own or use any music hardware?

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– and what you have been using it for


Rate your knowledge of the following from 0 to 3 [0 = none / 3 = I already own it]

— rapping skills

— public speaking ability

— singing skills

— Lyric / Writing skills

— music theory

— Industry knowledge

— Studio/Production skills

— Stage/Performance skills